Ladies, Worship

Ladies in Worship

Occasionally we hold one off special events such as Youth meetings, Women's meetings or Pastors meetings which enable those communities of Christians to meet together under one roof as we usually hire a large hall in a local town. This allows them to meet each another in larger groups and enables us to teach and encourage them in their faith as well as hold times of worship and often provide lunch. Due to the remoteness of many villages it is seldom that large groups of people can meet together like this, so such events are of real encouragement to them and so pleasing for us to see.

When possible we aim to also hold some of these special meetings during mission trips although the cost of such events can be quite high. These involve not only the hire charge of the hall itself but of additional things like PA equipment, worship musicians, chairs and sometimes a standby generator due to the inconsistency of electricity in India. Then there is the cost of providing a cup of tea during the meeting and a customary lunch at the end, however, the 'fruit' of such meetings is well worth the cost and validates the initial fundraising.