Food help to poor pastor family

Practical help to poor Pastors

Like all of us, Pastors need practical encouragement from time to time so we try to help as often as we can. It maybe an article of clothing or assistance with medical needs for their families. Sometimes they need various things to help their village communities.

Sometimes extra food supplies helps a poor pastor take care of his family which is essential if he is to continue ministering to his community and bring blessings.


We are blessed with some very special men who look after more than one village each which means they spend a lot of time travelling between places to offer help and hope. These villages can be miles apart and in remote places so transport is often difficult. The local overcrowded buses do not always reach every place and are certainly not convenient in an emergency! So one of the most practical things we can do is to provide second hand motor bikes or bicycles for these men which allows them to move around more easily. Please also bear in mind that these bikes need regular servicing, have running costs and ultimately need replacing.


Thank you from Pastors for bikes

"My name is Pastor James Thangaraj. From my childhood, due to polio attack, one of my legs has been affected and I cannot walk fast. Thank you so much that I have got a second hand bike which is so useful for my ministry as I am now able to concentrate on more rural areas and villages. Thank you for your valuable support. "

"I am Pastor Stephen doing village ministry under IVCM. I was praying for a bike for a long time and thank you so much that I have got a bike now through your valuable help. I am able to go to reach many villages easily now."