Theological training

As there are thousands of unreached people in India we recognised the need for more indigenous pastors and their wives to take on this urgent task. Ideally we needed to recruit and train up people from these communities to provide them with some essential theological training. The aim of IVCM therefore was to run a regular training program for those who had a desire to evangelise these remote parts of India.

"And how shall they preach unless they are sent" Rom 10:15


In 2011 the Micah Bible Training school was started with a regular program to provide this theological training. Currently we have to hire a small hall for each class in which to teach the students and equip them for the task ahead. The diploma course runs over a period of two years and provides a diploma in theology after which the students are sent out to evangelise unreached villages and to plant new churches.

During this time they need continued support until they become self-supporting which can take up to three years. There are tens of thousands of villages that are unreached, so this program is a vital tool to equip local pastors to minister to these villages and spread the gospel. During mission trips it is a great privilege to be able to contribute to the teaching of these students and several people from different countries have already participated in helping them learn.

Soon after Micah began, the students desired to continue their studies for a further year to achieve a BA in Theology. This was subsequently made possible and IVCM now conducts both diploma and BA courses for eager students.

There is a high demand to supply theological books for the library which the students naturally require to borrow in between class sessions, however, without a proper owned building this presents all kinds of difficulties which is something we would like to resolve. We welcome anyone who would like to partner us in this growing project by sponsoring students and books or perhaps consider providing funds for a permanent building.

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IVCM UK is a Christian charitable organisation (Reg: 1147538) with a heart & vision to help indiginous pastors reach unreached, often remote rural villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide practical help and social works in India.

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